Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shammy to 80!!!

My shammy hit 80 last saturday!! I haven't maxed out inscription / enchanting yet...but i haven't been in too much of a hurry with that.

Thinking taking advantage of the faction change and making her a hordie.. but. not sure yet.

I'm going to be pretty busy soon, with school starting and some other projects.

Monday, July 20, 2009


My pally hit 80 !! I started building a ret set, then I was like I realllllly want to heal! So my husband helped me build a holy set. I got some gold from my sister in law to dual spec so I am set. I got a decent starter set and about 1500ish plus healing.

The armory is not updated yet... but this is my character:

I went into heroic nexus with my pathetic ret set and pretty much sucked .. pretty bad. I did get a holy belt out of it .. and a ret purple belt .. so hopefully that will get me to suck less. I helped some guildies out and healed them while they did some harder quests...that went ok. So yeah i'm pretty excited to try out holy spec, i've been dps on my warlock for a long its fun to do something different. I might suck as healer, but I don't know till I try...right?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

End is near!

I finally got my guys past Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills, now leveling seems to pick up speed. I took my Pally and Shammy through Basin and got them past 77 so I have two flyers! and broke! and then took Pally to Storm Peaks, I will be doing the Hodiur quest line with her. My shammy is leveling in zuldrak. I may bring the pally over and dual box, but since I've already started in the shammy, I am not sure it would be worth the catching the pally up to the quest line.

Nolara - 79 and 1/2 !!!!!!!
Spec: ret
She has a couple pieces of epic gear at moment. She is engineer, so she has the goggles and my warlock made the JC ring. I am working on getting a few more dragon eyes to do the neck and the set for my shammy.

Lisanna - 77 and 1/4 !!!!!
Spec: resto / elemental
Haven't figured out gear for her yet.. I was enhancement from 72-77 ... it was fun, i had gotten a few blue daggers and gear from Nexus and UK while being a fill in healer for my guild.

I am not sure when i will get to 80 with my Pally. I had to work last night. I'll see how today goes, maybe it will be tonight!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Things Must Come to an End

A few of the podcasts I listen to are ending..

Elunes Grace
Epic Dolls

They were fun to listen to and I learned alot...and was entertained while on my long commute to work.

Some of my favorite podcasts that still are around:

The Instance
- Scott and Randy just seem like the kinda guys it'd be fun to go out and have a beer with! They are funny! And they talk about pertinent news items from the game and just not reading the patch notes!

Outlandish Podcast - These guys used to talk more about raiding, but now they don't seem to be doing so much of that. They have some bad language but I think its funny. They tend to go off on tangents and "blah blah blah" but I still like it.

Casually Hardcore - This is pretty fun, a couple couples who play together (like me and my husband) and play as life allows, so they aren't talking hard core raiding, but casual instances, news, stories etc.

Those three are my favories, I have a few others from WC Radio. I am going to be checking out a few more. I hear Rawr cast Is good, gonna checkout. Maybe also check on twistednether again, i listed to it when it started but seemed to have the same content as the other shows

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Leveling up the lowbies!

I was kinda bored a few weeks ago and I saw my warrior sitting there at a few bubbles from 29. Why not level to 30??? get the mount.. at least... and see if I wanted to play her again. It was kinda fun! I took her to ashenvale since I was tired of eastern kingdoms content. Pretty good some of those areas I've never done on alliance. I got her to 30 then high tailed to exodar for my elephant! wheee ... its so much easier with a mount!

Then, I keep hearing from a guy at work how much fun a mage is. My mage is 22, and got there fitfully bubble by bubble with many deaths. Ok, he said you need lots of health pots. I went and gathered herbs and made like 8 stacks of health pots. I start questing in lakeshire, died a few times but with patience....i was able to get up to level 26 in a few hours. I started out my mage as frost, cuz I read its the "best" leveling spec. I switched to fire later in my 20s. Then when we had a talent point reset last fall, I decided to spec arcane - why not try it? After playing arcane for 4 levels and talking to some high level mages in my guild, I think I am going back to frost.

My Pally is plugging away, at 75.5 ... looking forward to going to the basin. zul drak or whatever is tooooo dark and depressing!!! I think I can hit the basin at 76 ? I managed to get the achivement for quests in dragonblight...boy that is alot of quests, but soon as I got the achivement, I was outta there! It really speeds the leveling to have gone through the quests on my main, now I know right where the quests.

My Shammy hit 73. Lately, I've been the last attempt healer for some things. I am spec elemental but I can heal pretty good still. I want to try enhancement, since I have some of that gear (many blues from instance runs where nobody wanted and I also DE) but I haven't taken time to figure out the spec. I hardly quested as 73, just healed instances. I wonder if i can make it to 80 by just healing instances? :)

My Warlock finally hit exalted with kirin tor. Finally. I found a bunch of quests in dragonblight that gave rep and did that cooking daily every day! I think I have over 60 cooking tokens. I guess I should go ahead and get the fish recipes. I have all the meat recipes and do the fish recipes on my hunter (she fishes). But if I have so many tokens... Eh. I'll wait. Maybe I'll need lots of spices. Working the rep for hodiur now... what a pain, so boring! I have half the bar to go to get to revered I think (or whatever you need for the best sholder enchants)

My Hunter is still at 70. I finally got the alchemy specialization. I didn't want to both with quests for flasks or potions so I did the transmute and I'll pay 150 gold to switch when she gets high enough to get enough herbs to make flaskes. SO I've been doing lot of transmuting and have a nice collection of eternals. I get alot of earth from hodiur dailies and then hunter makes them into air or fire.

My shadow priest is 46, been leveling with a buddy at work with refer a friend. Its pretty fun. Most of my time when my friend is on, is spent leveling with him.

I haven't played my horde characters in a month. I was trying to find a new server for my druid who is 56, my friend I moved to play with has quit playing. I was thinking of moving my warlock who is 28 to PVP server but I haven't done that yet. Still trying to decide what to do with those toons.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dual Specs will break the game!

Choosing and building a spec primarily for hybrids is a kind of art, finding the right combination of skills, enchants, glyphs.. doing dual specs will break the game I think and here's why:

random thoughts:
  • make people more lazy because they will not want to devote to building the spec, they will just be looking for the "cookie cutter" spec someone else thought of
  • they will not know how to play the other spec very well as their main spec
  • gear distribution will be take longer and more people are going to want the same gear
  • it will make building a party harder. "OH you are pally holy/tank... this guy is pally dps/heal ... this SP is holy/dps ... shammy is heal/dps ... " if it was hard before, just think of the headache for raid leaders now!
  • it will take some of the uniqueness out of a character
  • hybrids will be expected to take 2 specs, and if they don't .. they dont raid.
  • expensive to gear up two specs
  • unfair to the non-hybrids. I am warlock, but this priest gets to bid on my gear!

Prove me wrong intarweb!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Many Paths

Wow, I haven't written since December...I am a bad bad blogger. =(

I moved my horde druid Amberen from Perenolde to Thorium Brotherhood. I have RL friend on TB and I wanted to play with his higher levels. I also made a DK there, so now I have a 58 and 55. I didn't have many people around my level on Perenolde to play with, so both reasons were contributions to my decision. I still have Elannia my 26 warlock on Perenolde I can play, so I can still talk to my friends there! So its all good!

On Baelgun I have been slowing getting my Pally and Shammy up, my multiboxers. They are about 5-6 bubbles from getting to 73. Seems to be going so slow! I've actually done some instances with my shammy doing healing/dps and its been pretty fun. In Old Kingdom I was top of the DPS charts and was thinking oook lets forget the warlock!! shammy is it!! hehe ... that was, until a 80 hunter came in to help us finsish it up...then he quickly became top of DPS.

My baelgun warlock... its been a struggle to get her DPS up. I speced into affliction about level 76 because i was bored and it turned out to be pretty fun. With all the health I got back it was pretty good for soloing! I read and talked to other affliction warlocks and got my rotation (which really is just an initatl rotation, after that you just refresh DOTs) figured out.. but I was still a bit low on DPS in 25-man raids, like 1500.

I respec to hybrid Demon/Demo last weekend and haven't done any raids yet, but on dummies with just my felarmor and haste food, i was getting 1700 dps!! I am anxious to try it this weekend and see how it does. I am really counting on my imp firepower and need to put the imp glyph on (haven't yet).

I got the heirloom sholders for my baelgun Drooooood. Looks pretty cool! He is level 41 :)