Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Things Must Come to an End

A few of the podcasts I listen to are ending..

Elunes Grace
Epic Dolls

They were fun to listen to and I learned alot...and was entertained while on my long commute to work.

Some of my favorite podcasts that still are around:

The Instance
- Scott and Randy just seem like the kinda guys it'd be fun to go out and have a beer with! They are funny! And they talk about pertinent news items from the game and just not reading the patch notes!

Outlandish Podcast - These guys used to talk more about raiding, but now they don't seem to be doing so much of that. They have some bad language but I think its funny. They tend to go off on tangents and "blah blah blah" but I still like it.

Casually Hardcore - This is pretty fun, a couple couples who play together (like me and my husband) and play as life allows, so they aren't talking hard core raiding, but casual instances, news, stories etc.

Those three are my favories, I have a few others from WC Radio. I am going to be checking out a few more. I hear Rawr cast Is good, gonna checkout. Maybe also check on twistednether again, i listed to it when it started but seemed to have the same content as the other shows


Forest Cat said...

Oh wow. I have been so out of the loop since moving and joining the working world. The Dolls is ending???

Must go see what is happening.

P.S. Gratz on the 80's :)

Nola Stowe said...

No... not exactly. Change of leadership. Alot of people left and started Insane Horde Posse, on the same server.